LED Lighting Case Studies

Case Studies

At LIESOL Lighting we have worked with a number of different clients in a number of different industries. To hear some of the success stories from our clients click on the links below and download the PDF case studies.

The Industries We Serve

  • Sukamantri Biz Center

    Sukamantri Biz Center

    Be a leader in your community by converting to LED Lighting. Organizations such as Townships, Boroughs, Cities, Counties, Authorities, and Correctional Facilities are constantly looking for ways to provide sustainable solutions to their communities. Ask us how we have helped customers like you in the past.
  • Emerald Terrace

    Emerald Terrace

    Companies that own, operate, or manage real estate assets are always looking for ways to keep their facilities and properties as efficient as possible. An LED Lighting Retrofit not only helps improve sustainability, but positively affects your bottom line through a reduction in operating costs.
  • Rumah Sahabat keluarga

    Rumah Sahabat keluarga

    Looking for ways to reduce the energy and maintenance costs at your facility? LED Retrofit projects provide the perfect opportunity to reduce your operating costs while improving the lighting performance for your employees or customers. Ask us how we can help make your facility more efficient.
  • Bumi Karang Indah

    Bumi Karang Indah

    Lighting upgrades are just one of many services that ESCOs provide their customers. LIESOL Lighting can make the process of implementing LED products more effective by making sure that you have the best options available to achieve cash flow objectives and energy/maintenance requirements needed for your project.
  • Bendungan Paselloreng, Makassar

    Bendungan Paselloreng, Makassar

    Bendungan Paselloreng beautiful water dam is been light up by our 3in1 Solar Street Light.
  • Emerald Neo Polis, Karawang

    Emerald Neo Polis, Karawang

    Emerald Neo Polis complex uses our All in One Solar Street Light.
  • Bendungan Nipa Nipa, Makassar

    Bendungan Nipa Nipa, Makassar

    We are proud to be the partner with Bendungan Nipa Nipa to supply all their outdoor lighting needs.
  • Bendungan Bintang Bano, Sumbawa, NTB

    Bendungan Bintang Bano, Sumbawa, NTB

    LIESOL Street Light being installed at Bendungan Bintang Bano.

Want Us To Study Your Case?

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Client success is our success

At LIESOL our yardstick for achievement is measured by the success of our clients. In a couple of instances, we’ve tried to highlight the challenges they face, the collaborative solution that we devised and the outcomes of these customers.Click on the button below and let us know about your unique requirements.

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Light Energy Solutions







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