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LED Lighting Retrofits & Project Management

The prospect of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. It is vital to have a firm understanding of the existing lighting conditions, and an even greater understanding of the desired outcome of a project. Whether your focus is energy efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, or an improvement in the performance and quality of your lighting, Stouch Lighting has the tools and experience to facilitate the process.

From the Team

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Our Experience

By utilizing our 4-Step project design, we are able guide our customers in establishing their project objectives. Once those objectives are established, we begin the product evaluation process.

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Our Expertise

Our Team of Lighting Certified (LC) professionals is at your disposal to help guide you through the LED Retrofit process. We work to make your job easier through effective education of the available product options, and the potential outcome of those solutions.

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Client success is our success

At LIESOL our yardstick for achievment is measured by the success of our clients. In a couple of instances, we’ve tried to hightlight the challenges they face, the collaborative solution that we devised and the outcomes of these customers. Please visit our customer success page by clicking on the link below.

Light Energy Solutions
Light Energy Solutions







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