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LIESOL Lighting is a LED distribution and consultation company. We are manufacturer-neutral, so our focus is entirely on reliable, high quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective products. We design solution-oriented packages around each client’s particular goals, using a combination of industry experience, manufacturing partnerships, and logistical capabilities. Different considerations to maximize your return on investment include warranty, up front costs, and volume discounts. Contact us today to learn how LIESOL Lighting can help your organization reach its goals! 

Model Selections

Defender Series

Defender Series

The prospect of converting and upgrading to LED lighting can be a daunting one. It is vital to have a firm understanding of the existing lighting conditions, and an even greater understanding of the desired outcome of a project. 

knight Series

knight Series

LIESOL Lighting is your single source supplier for LED Lighting products. As a national distributor of LED Lighting solutions, we are able to leverage our purchasing power to provide our customers with cost-effective and competitively-priced LED Lighting products.


The team at LIESOL Lighting has a unique combination of industry experience, manufacturer partnerships, logistical capability, and a passion for finding the best lighting solutions for our clients. 

Eco Series

For construction and renovation projects, we focus on helping our customers manage the process of obtaining the right products for the right projects at the right price. 

Light Energy Solutions
Light Energy Solutions







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